Helle Gadenberg, judge Denmark

Rally is my sport, and is a significant part of my life as it has been for more than 15 years. I just love to see a rally team grow. From the first shaky steps in Novice Class to the full blown and experienced teams in the Nordic Class.

Rally experience

I have been a part of the rally family since 2006 – teaching and training teams at all levels.

Back in 2006 I started training rally with my miniature schnauzer Toffefee, the plan was to do rally until she was old enough to compete in agility, BUT.. we both got hooked on rally, and never got to do much agility. She was the first miniature schnauzer to become rally champion.


Judging experience

In 2013 I judged my first official rally competition. I have judged the national championship several times. First time in 2013 – last time in 2021.

And.. I admit it… I am addicted to rally.


Karin Holst, judge Sweden

My name is Karin Holst and I live with my family and pets in Seglora, Sweden. I have been a rally obedience judge since 2009, and I have experience in both judging and competing in the Swedish Championships. Last year I was the secretary of the Swedish judging team, and this year, as a judge, I look forward to seeing a lot of skilled teams at the course!






Maria Opstad, judge Norway

I live just outside Oslo with my husband Andreas, my seven year old labrador Saga and my adorable cat Storm. Saga is trained in both obedience and rally obedience in addition to retriever training and working dog tracking. I also love plants, and have more than 250 different Hoyas in my house.


Rally experience

I started training rally obedience with my first dog Frøya in 2012 and we competed in elite/master class. My second dog Saga became Norwegian Rally Obedience Champion when she was 3 years old.

Judging experience

I have been judging rally obedience since 2015. I have judged the National Championship three times. I was a secretary in the Nordic Championship in Denmark in 2019, and the Norwegian judge in the Nordic Championship in Sweden in 2021.


Tytti Lintenhofer, judge Finland

I feel very honored to be the chief judge at this year’s Nordic Rally Obedience Championship in Finland!

Rally obedience has a wonderful variation of breeds and I value the good atmosphere that we share at competitions. My own rally experience goes way back to the time rally obedience was not an official sport in Finland. I like to train rally obedience with my golden retrievers Neva and Nia, but unfortunately I have rarely time to compete with them.





Liv Elmark-Fich, secretary Denmark 

I live together with my husband, daughter and our two standard poodles, Mango and Choice. Both Mango and Choice are trained in different dog activities, but mainly rally obedience and heelwork to music. I have been competing in rally obedience for ten years, and judging for the last couple of years.




Ida Lindgren, secretary Sweden

I own Vi2 Hundcenter – a dog training center, Ziridas Kennel – breeding of English springer spaniels, HUNDra% AB – Book publishing.

Right now I have four spaniels that I train and compete in Rally Obedience. I also work a lot with advanced special search where my dogs are trained in, among other things, drugs, explosives and gas leaks.

I have judged rally obedience since 2008 and have judged both DM & SM and was a secretary at NM in Denmark 2019 judged NM 2021 in Sweden.

Being able to show and communicate freely during a course, without taking away the finesse, is for me what makes the sport so fantastic.

Roger Fredriksen, secretary Norway

I live in Narvik, a small town north of the polar circle, with my wife Hege and our two sons.
We have a small farm and my two biggest passions are dogs and mountain hiking.

I have two dogs, oldest is Blue, an 8 yo Aussie, she is Norwegian Rally Obedience Champion, and we also compete in Tracking and Obedience.

Luci is a 17-month-old Aussie, is now in Class 3 Rally Obedience

I started competing in Rally in 2009, been judging since 2011 and judged Norwegian Championship two times.


Pia Heikkinen, secretary Finland


I am Pia Heikkinen from Janakkala, southern Finland. I have judged Rally Obedience competitions since it came official here in 2014. It is a great pleasure to have an opportunity to participate in the Nordic Championships this year as a secretary. I wish all participants a joyful weekend with our best friends!