The official photographer for the event is Irene Erling

Please note that no other commercial photographing is not allowed at venue. Before taking photos ask the organizer where to locate yourself so you don’t disturb competitors’ performance.
The purchased images are only intended for private, non-commercial use, e.g. on Facebook, Instagram, your own website or blog.
Commercial use or publication without written permission is prohibited.
Unauthorized use will be charged for commercial use compensation.
Submitted images cannot be sold or given away for publication or other use.
In connection with the pictures, the source must be mentioned as or on social media with the tag @ireneerlingphotographer.
Ordered images will be sent as a download link to your e-mail address. The online images are with a watermark and the originals are without. The order can no longer be canceled once the image file has been sent. Ordering pictures means acceptance of the conditions mentioned above.
Photo orders can be made via Messenger or email: irene.erling(at)
Put your e-mail address and the numbers of the pictures you want in the message.
1pc online picture 14 €, 3pc online picture 35 €, 5pc online picture 55 €, 9pc online picture 98 €, 1pc original size picture file 19 €, 3pc original picture 52 €. (The offer for several pictures is specific to the competition)