8.00   Competition venue opens


8.30   Latest arrival for competitors, team leaders, judges & secretaries


8.45   Briefing judges, secretaries, team leads

  • Draw of the course for the final
  • Draw for final individual round


9.00   Judges and secretaries meeting


9.00   Final course posted on the wall. Course building starts.


10.00   Course orientation of the final round

  • 15 min with Judge + 10 minutes handlers. First individual round starts 5 minutes after course orientation.


10.30   Start of final round


Lunch break after the final round (estimated time 13.00)


14.00   Competition for the reserve dogs. Course Orientation (same course as in the final)

  • 5 min with Judge + 10 minutes handlers. Competition starts 5 minutes after course orientation


14.20   Start of the reserve dogs’ competition


15.20   Break. Preparations for the award ceremony.


15.45   Award ceremony

The competition of reserves

The Individual Championship Title


16.30   The end of Nordic Rally Obedience Championship 2021