Country registration by July 8th

Countries should confirm their participation to the competition by July 8th at the latest. This will be done by email:

We don’t need the names of the team members in this point, just participation confirmation is enough.


Entry fee

The entry fee is 100 € / team member, so maximum 700 € / team (5 team members + 2 reserve).


Team member registrations by September 1st

Each individual handler and their dog needs to be registered by 1st of September at the latest. Registration form can be found here:

Form will be collecting this info:

  • contact info of the Team Leaders
  • standard information of all handlers & dogs (name, ID number, breed, height etc)
  • FCI pedigree number and copy of the pedigree certificate
  • Copy of the entry fee payment proof

If anyone taking part in the championship has a disability, please make sure that is noted on the registration form.



According to the rules we will accept changes on already registered teams until three weeks prior to the competition, i.e. 4th November.