Team Leader Linda Penttilä

I’ve been a dog nerd since I was 10 years old. Today I have a 5 year old Kelpie and a white Miniature schnauzer who is the sweetest gentleman at 13 years of age. I began with Rally obedience 2008 and won the first ever Swedish Championship.

I am a judge both in Swedish and Nordic Rally Obedience. I am also an instructor and rally secretary. Over the years I have been coaching lots of dog handlers.

I had the honor of being Team leader for the Swedish rallyteam at the first Nordic Championship in Denmark where the team reached second place – Silver. Last year 2021 we won individual gold and the team von silver. This year we aim for gold for the team also!

The team this year feels stable and strong!

Im looking forward to lead this amazing team together with Diana Huuki.

Assistant Team Leader Diana Huuki

I live on the countryside outside of Stockholm with my boyfriend and 2 danish swedish farmdogs Valter & Virka.

I have been competing in rallyobedience mostly but also traditional obedience and some agility.

I have been competing in the Swedish Championships sins 2012 with my dogs, and have been in finals 7 out of 9 times. Together with my teammate Cilla we have won the Swedish Championships for teams 2 times in a row.

I am also a judge in both swedish and nordic rallyobedience. I look forward to this Championships and we have a strong team that I am very proud of.



Monica Svensson and Zkoj

Personal: I live in Skåne with four dogs in my small herd. I bought my very first dog 10 years ago and soon fell in love with rally obedience. We started our first competition 2014 and after that I was stuck in our wonderful sport.

My strengths: I asked my friends and they answered that I am; goal-oriented, structured and have a good plan of action. I strive to always focus and to learn as much as possible and to always do what is best for my dogs.

Zkoj’s strength: Zkoj is a six year old poodle. He was born a gentleman. He is sharp, sensitive, careful and a fast learner. He can read my thoughts, for better or for worse. He is a fantastic friend!

Merits: Zkoj started his first Swedish Championship when he had just turned two years old. Actually, we have qualified for the Swedish Championships every year since 2018.

2020 – we won the swedish championship for teams.

2021  – was an absolutely fantastic year! We won the individual gold at the Nordic Championships and silver in the team.

2022  – we have qualified for the Swedish national team again.

I am so incredibly happy and grateful for everything we have achieved and get to experience.

Emelie Tuvesson and Jippie

My name is Emelie. I live in southern Sweden outside the city of Helsingborg in a big house with my family and our animals. When I’m not training dogs I work in a pharmacy or spend time with family and friends.

I have always loved animals, especially dogs. I got my first own dog in 2007 and after that, the interest in training and competing with dogs really developed. Together with previous dogs, I have, among other things, competed in seven Swedish Championships with several fine results.

Jippie is a medium poodle born in 2018. Due to the corona pandemic, he hasn’t had time to gain a lot of experience yet, but he is a Swedish Rally Obedience Champion and has competed in the Swedish Championships, both individually and for teams.

Jippie is a lively and funny dog ​​with a quirky personality. He loves to work and never turns down training. He is also incredibly cuddly and cozy and his favorite place at home is on my lap. We both love rally obedience because of the endless variety that the sport offers!

Åsa Skog and Czillah

We live in Älmhult, a small town in the south of Sweden.

I have always loved beeing out in the nature, and ten years ago I decided that I wanted to have company on my walks. I meet a woman who was out walking with four pumis – then and there I fell in love with this beautiful breed, so for ten lovely years I’ve had my pumi Czillah beside me through rain and sunshine!

My strenght as a dogtrainer is that I always try to look at dogtraining from the dogs perspective. And if anything goes wrong, it’s my fault – I’ve failed to give the dog right or understandable information of what I want it   to do. When it happens, I try to change the exercise and do something different – think outside the box!

My dog is highly sensitive and an ”easy-learner”, she really wants to do right. And it’s like we have an invisible bond between us, she relays on me and I relay on her.

Czillah and I have competed a lot, some highlights in Rally-O:

-We won the Swedish Championship 2019

-Second place with the Swedish Team at NM 2019

-Fifth place at NM 2019

-Swedish Championship 2022 6th place

We look forward to have a good time this NM in Finland and to met all the other nice ”dogpeople” and all the lovely dogs!

Erica Rosendahl and Mhin

I live a bit south of Stockholm with my three dogs: Bitt, a nine year old Schapendoes; Thill, a six year old border collie and Mhin a four year old border collie. During the day I work with dogs, and I own a dog daycare.

Mhin, who I compete with, is the family’s happy pill. She is constantly happy! Her strengths are that she is very environmentally strong, she can learn new tricks quickly and she Always wants to please and do things right. In addition to rally obedience, we do a lot of sheep herding, but also some obedience training, hoopers and nose activation.

Mhin is still quite inexperienced. We debuted in the master class here in Sweden last year and managed to qualify for the Swedish Championships 2022, where we ended up with seventh place.

Lisa Grönstedt and Triton

This is Eldflammans Triton. He is 3 years old and he is a working golden retriever. Triton is a very funny guy, he always likes to do things with me, he is so positive and happy. He can’t travel anywhere without his teddy bear, he carries around his bear and uses it as a pillow. Triton is trained in advanced special search, he competes in obedience and rally obedience. He loves to work in the forest and swim in the ocean.

Tritons handler is Lisa. We live together with the rest of our family, my husband, son, daughter, two dogs and a cat, in the forest in the south of Sweden. Lisa has been part of the Swedish team every year, so far, two years with Tam and this year with Triton. Everything that makes the dogs happy is fun to do together. And to have fun is the most important thing for us. But I love to compete and put up high goals.

My dogs, my friends and people that crosses our way teach me new things. They open my eyes and mind and let new ideas take place. My motto is “Nothing is impossible, with a little help from my friends.”

Kickan Nikolic and Öyvin

I live south of Stockholm with my husband, our welsh corgi pembroke boy Öyvin, our two cats and our rabbit. My other hobbies outside dog training is photography. I’ve been working as a dog trainer and an instructor for the last 23 years, and I competed in agility with my border collies. With Öyvin I started to complete in Nosework, but then transitioned to obedience and rally.

Because I think foundation training is the most important piece in dog training, I always put in the time to lay strong foundations, that’s why we could advance fairly fast when we started to train rally in the beginning of covid.

And Öyvin is a happy dog that loves to train and play, so that just makes training him a joy! He’s almost always wagging his tail while training and competing. He’s the (as far as I know) first pembroke in Sweden that’s a class 3 obedience dog, and he’s now qualified for his second Swedish championship in rally although he just started competing in rally the summer of 2020.

Our journey has just begun!